Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, unworthiness?

What if instead you felt unshakeable peace, no matter what's going on around you? Yes it's possible!

We are looking for 5 people from metro Adelaide (South Australia) to work with us for FREE in our new personal support beta program ...

3 Steps Toward Emotional Healing

How to transform your emotional pain into peace

And keep it that way!

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Restore a sense of balance in your body and harmony in your mind 

Feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation

In-person Body Bliss sessions

Now $88 for a short time

Sound Bath Meditation Evenings

From our cosy studio in Erindale, a Sound Bath Meditation evening creates an immersive, tactile and healing space in which you get to leave behind your worries and stress, and get in touch with a profound sense of peace.

You will truly feel a transformation after you leave.

Feel the weight of the world and your responsibilities melt off your body.

Join us for an evening of meditation, healing and crystal bowl sound bath immersion.

Healing Therapies

Experience a supportive space to help you feel more calmness, clarity and harmony, where you can feel completely accepted.

Having a healing session helps you feel very relaxed, nurtured, accepted & supported, and helps you access a very healing and transformative inner state.

Healing sessions can help to bring to awareness, and subsequently bring into balance, hidden beliefs as well as energetic imbalances that are most in need of healing.

Do you ever feel engulfed by feelings of sadness, regret, shame or guilt?

Is it hard for you to let go of these feelings and move forward?

What if you could follow a simple 10 minute guided process

And come out the other side feeling a powerful sense of peace in your heart

Tapping into the Healing Power of Essential Oils


Aromatherapy pulse point roll-ons are powerful aromatherapy pocket rockets, to help make you feel calm, uplifted, positive, inspired and centered.

These gems are mindfully crafted with your emotional well-being in mind.

Essential Oil Blends

Create a comfortable oasis of aromatic serenity in your home from sunrise to sunset.

Diffuse from a selection of pure essential oil blends to elevate your emotional, physical & spiritual well-being.

Aromatherapy Mists

A portable and pure aromatherapy hit in an instant, to uplift and balance your mind & body.

Lightly mist over your face with closed eyes, take a deep breath and feel the fine droplets cascade over your face.

Meet your Aromatherapist

Dina is a qualified Aromatherapist with over 20 years experience.

Working personally with client’s skin care over this time has provided her with a deeper awareness and understanding of how to address concerns and delve deeper into what can benefit you.

She has many clients who get their face skincare products custom made, because they much prefer the blend and smell of their custom made products over that of the off-the-shelf ones they use.

She provides a very unique and personalised service.

What customers say about their hand-crafted products

"Dina is so incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about skin care. Not only are the products organic but they actually work!! 

I am super fussy about my skin care regime and my skin has never looked better since swapping to Mahdena products.

She custom blends products for me or recommends trying certain things even if I’m unsure, and she’s always been spot on with her recommendations!

Won’t ever be going back to the well known/inferior/more expensive cosmetic brands!" - Rose

"About 6 or 7 years ago a friend introduced me to Mahdena products, and it was like winning a face-care lottery. I have a very sensitive skin and many products I tried before were either too harsh or too greasy, or would be too light and leave my skin dry.

Mahdena's moisturiser is great for my skin and leaves it well moisturised for the whole day. Other products are amazing too, I love that they are natural and they are very soothing. They also last a long time. I love the gentle, natural fragrances Dina uses in my face products.

I am now in my 50s and hardly any wrinkles. I love her products, they are perfect for my skin.

Highly recommend you try her products. You will love them!" - Dorota


An invitation for you to receive regular ongoing healing therapies sessions, so you can feel supported through your journey of personal growth, healing and transformation.

Join the Healing Support program to get member rates for therapies sessions, and feel supported with a caring practitioner during a period of time when you feel you need to immerse yourself within a supportive process of healing.

Meet your Healing Therapies Practitioner

Claudio is your therapies practitioner with over 20 years experience.

"I love seeing the look of bliss in a client’s face as they get off the table after receiving a treatment. It gives me the greatest sense of fulfilment.

I feel that one of the gifts I have been blessed with in this life, is to be able to convey a sense of calmness, peace and tranquillity through the soothing presence of my hands.

I approach my healing work in a way that is very supportive, nurturing and personal. My caring, respectful and compassionate nature makes people feel at ease.

I offer this service from a spirit of integrity for the healing that is so very much needed by so many at this time."

What clients say about their healing sessions

"I have been seeing Claudio for sessions related to the loss of my baby, childhood abuse and traumas related to work and blocks related to money. 

These sessions have been extremely powerful. I definitely recommend attending for multiple sessions to accelerate progress.

As we go deeper in the sessions over a period of time, the healing is deeper and life changing. Claudio has also given me tools and techniques to do at home.

Go see Claudio!!!" - Bella

"Claudio has created a space for me to find clarity and peace around a major decision in my life. He helped me connect to my higher self and enabled me to access my intuition even when life was quite stressful.

His ability to empathise and read what you need in each session is incredible and I always leave feeling so much calmer and connected to myself.

I am extremely grateful for the clarity, guidance and support he has provided me at a time when it seemed nothing else could help." - Cara


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It’s our goal and mission to inspire greater emotional freedom, and help our community find greater harmony and healing in their everyday life

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