This is a counselling style of session, and is a deep dive into your feelings and emotions.

It incorporates the use of mindfulness as a way of discovery for greater insight and awareness for whatever areas of your life you’d like to positively transform.

Awareness alone can often be sufficient to find healing in the body, mind and emotions.

A Deep Core Healing session uses a very supportive discovery process that uses non-directive questions in a special fashion which helps you connect your mind with your body, and helps bring to light root causes of disharmony.

It helps to empower you to understand how any disharmony in the body is a reflection of disharmony in the mind.

The discovery process helps to peel away layers of feelings and emotions, where each deeper layer brings you closer to a root cause of disharmony.

It helps you identify limiting patterns, thoughts and beliefs associated with the root cause of disharmony.

This session is very supportive, and facilitates a healing space where you can be open, honest with yourself and vulnerable without judgement – we facilitate a deep acceptance of who you are.

There may be some tears along the way, as we delve deeper and explore deeper layers of feelings and emotions, but the tears are healing and liberating.

A Deep Core Healing session provides a healing supportive space to help you through a deep dive discovery process to reveal root causes of disharmony

Reasons to have a session

  • To feel relief from anxiety, or as a way to manage anxiety
  • You struggle with fear or depression
  • You need to experience more peace and harmony within yourself
  • You need help dealing with feelings of anxiety, worry or stress
  • To feel less overwhelm or confusion about your feelings
  • You need a safe space to open up about emotions, challenges or fears that’s free from judgement and shame

Benefits you may receive from your session

  • Experience a shift in your feelings or emotions
  • Recognise thought patterns that contribute to mental or emotional distress
  • Recognise limiting beliefs that may be undermining your happiness
  • Experience a greater sense of harmony within yourself
  • Experience transformational changes inside yourself
  • Experience positive transformation in your mindset
A Deep Core Healing session holds a supportive space which helps you to feel accepted, and safe to be vulnerable and honest with yourself, and which allows for a higher awareness to emerge as a natural unfolding of the discovery process
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