Try a 10 minute guided healing process which helps you invite healing and forgiveness, and a powerful feeling of self-love.
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Do you ever feel engulfed by feelings of sadness, regret, shame or guilt?

Is it hard for you to let go of these feelings and move forward?

Does low self-esteem make you feel isolated and alone?

What if you could follow a simple 10 minute guided healing process

And come out the other side feeling a powerful sense of peace in your heart

And embrace a compelling feeling of self-love

Take a 10 minute timeout and follow this guided process
To invite healing and forgiveness
And embrace a powerful feeling of peace in your heart

Like Michaela, who said ….

I felt a wave of peace come over me, and I felt so at one with my heart just sitting in the moment. Just being in the present moment, nothing else seemed to matter.

Or Micki, who said ….

The concept of healing prayer intention audios is so simple and effective. I listen to them on the way to work, and they set me up for a healthy mindset at work.

Put in your ear plugs, follow the recording, and immerse yourself in this guided process!