About The Illuminated Soul

At Illuminated Soul, we aim to be of service and assistance for emotional wellbeing, healing and selfcare.

Whether you’re able to find solace and support from the healing vibrations of essential oils, or therapeutic relief from a healing therapies session, or to inspire personal healing by adding some healing rituals to your selfcare toolkit, we aim to provide something of value that can help you transform to be in a more harmonious and uplifted space.

We aim to inspire positive transformation, and be a presence which acts as a light to help you towards emotional wellbeing and inner healing, and to help you align with the highest parts of your body, mind and spirit, through the use of aromatherapy, energy healing and selfcare rituals.

We aim to help you connect with strength, support and your Higher Self, for transforming your inner state to one that is calmer, more at peace, and more at one with your Higher Spiritual Source.

Claudio and Dina are the heart and soul behind The Illuminated Soul. They reside in Adelaide, South Australia with their two teenage daughters.

About Dina

The passion that I have for skincare grew from a humble interest in aromatherapy and essential oils, in what they were, and how they worked. A friend introduced me to essential oils and showed me a few things that she did with them, and I was fascinated. Something stirred within me, and I wanted to find out more about what these oils could do for me. I was opened up to a whole new world and I was very excited. From there I explored and went on to study my Diploma of Aromatherapy with much enthusiasm and excitement that a young student has. It changed my life for the better.

What I found fascinating were the multitude of possibilities and ways that essential oils could provide healing for the body, and it didn’t end there. I learnt how I could incorporate it into my daily life, into the home, and then in my later years, with my family and children.

My journey led me to opening a specialty aromatherapy and skincare store offering natural lifestyle products. It was a beautiful smelling oasis, whose alluring heavenly smells enticed many people to come in and explore. This is where the magic happened of creating personalised aromatherapy blends and perfumes, as well as personalised skincare which was specifically formulated to address skin allergies, sensitivities, and individual needs.

The joy that my work brings to me is a on a multitude of levels. I appreciate having customers who love what I do, as well as seeing their transformations, which is truly a blessing. I love getting to know my customers.

The power of what we can do for one another is profound.

About Claudio

Claudio is a therapies practitioner, and has a deeply compassionate nature. He strives to make his clients feel safe, valued, nurtured, and accepted, from his healing studio space in Erindale South Australia.

Over the span of more than 20 years, he has provided a service for offering healing touch therapies sessions for his clients.

Claudio's focus is always for your highest healing, and he uses his spiritual connection to create the space and field where the highest energies are contributing to your treatment and highest transformation.

He is a certified massage therapist, and qualified practitioner of Shiatsu, Acupressure, Anma, Tuina, Reiki, Myofascial Release, Polarity Therapy and Reflexology. It’s from these therapies that his relaxing and gentle style has evolved.

His skill set has deepened through integrating quality aspects of therapies such as Spiritual Healing, Hakomi Body Psychotherapy, Rosen Bodywork, Forensic Healing, Emotion Code and Energy Psychology approaches to healing.

Claudio offers therapies sessions from his healing studio in Erindale, South Australia.

“I really enjoy using a calming and soothing style of energy and body work to help draw people into a deeply relaxed state, from which they can harmonise and connect with their own inner healing.

I approach my healing work in a way that is very supportive, nurturing and personal. My caring, respectful and compassionate nature makes people feel at ease.

My main intent for your Therapies session is to create the sacred space as an opportunity for you to feel safe to open up to and allow a process of healing to awaken from within you.

I offer this service from a spirit of integrity for the healing that is so very much needed by so many at this time.”

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