Therapies sessions

"I have been seeing Claudio for sessions related to the loss of my baby, childhood abuse and traumas related to work and blocks related to money

These sessions have been extremely powerful. I definitely recommend attending for multiple sessions to accelerate progress

As we go deeper in the sessions over a period of time, the healing is deeper and life changing. Claudio has also given me tools and techniques to do at home.

Go see Claudio!!!" - Bella

"Claudio has created a space for me to find clarity and peace around a major decision in my life. He helped me connect to my higher self and enabled me to access my intuition even when life was quite stressful.

His ability to empathise and read what you need in each session is incredible and I always leave feeling so much calmer and connected to myself.

I am extremely grateful for the clarity, guidance and support he has provided me at a time when it seemed nothing else could help." - Cara

"My treatment with Claudio was a wonderful and deeply relaxing experience.

The various techniques Claudio works with allowed my body to open up on a deep cellular level to release old patterns and energies, to renew and revive.

I could feel a deep union taking place within me and felt very peaceful and whole afterwards." - Marion

"My brother has stage 4 brain cancer and was in palliative care and unable to communicate. We have had around six sessions with Claudio and in this time his brain tumour has shrunk and he has improved considerably

Claudio’s gift of intuitively working with my brother is very powerful. I highly recommend regular sessions with Claudio for people who are ready for massive shifts in their healing.

Everything is possible and Claudio believes in the power of healing for all of us.

Thank you Claudio!" - Elise

"I would highly recommend Claudio to assist you with a healing experience.

He has a very calm and caring nature and is skilled at assisting his clients." - John

"I feel so nourished in my sessions with Claudio. I am able to find a space where I can deeply relax and let go, which is very replenishing to my soul.

I highly recommend Claudio's beautiful heartfelt energy which carries you and nurtures you." - Constantina

"After my session with Claudio, I felt calm and peaceful and have continued that way. I don't know what he did. He has his own special style.

Claudio is an amazing and gifted healer. I wholeheartedly recommend him." - Lily

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