Please provide at least 24 hours notice for cancellation or change of booking time.

Body Bliss Sessions $88 for a short time


In person sessions are offered from a healing studio space in the Adelaide eastern suburb of Erindale (address supplied after booking).

For Body Bliss & Mind Body Spirit Harmony sessions:

It’s recommended that you wear clothing in which you will feel comfortable while lying down on a massage table. It’s preferable to:

- avoid wearing slippery material

- avoid wearing denim

- avoid wearing nylon or related fabrics (natural fibres are best suited)

For example, a cotton top and light cotton track pants (or something similar) are a good option for Body Bliss sessions.

It's also recommended to avoid eating anything heavy for at least one hour before your session, as this may lead you to feeling discomfort while you are lying down on the massage table.

(Not applicable for Deep Core Healing sessions as these are seated counselling style sessions)


A Mind Body Spirit Harmony session uses acupressure, breathwork, mindfulness, and intention to connect with the energetics of your body, mind and spirit, and to facilitate creating more harmony on an energetic level.

It helps you tap into the subconscious, and helps you connect into the deeper layers of your worries, stress & problems, without necessarily needing to analyse, rationalise or make sense of them.

In this kind of treatment, we are doing the work energetically, on a level beyond the superficial mind, and we hold a space that allows for healing without needing to make sense of what’s going on.

This type of session is ideal for clearing, aligning and balancing your body’s energies, and to immerse yourself in a healing space for a period of time.

This style of therapy is applied over comfortable clothing on a massage table.

Reasons to have a session

  • To help clear energetic imbalances
  • To maintain health and wellbeing 
  • For help in getting ‘unstuck’ 
  • To make energetic shifts that will assist you being in a better space

Benefits you may receive

  • Experience subtle transformational changes inside yourself 
  • Experience a shift in your feelings or emotions
  • Feel revitalised and more energised
  • Receive spiritual healing you most need right now for your highest good


A Deep Core Healing session uses a very supportive discovery process that uses non-directive questions in a special fashion which helps you connect your mind with your body, and helps bring to light root causes of disharmony.

The discovery process helps to peel away layers of feelings and emotions, where each deeper layer brings you closer to a root cause of disharmony.

This style of session is performed while seated, as a counselling style session.

Reasons to have a session

  • To feel relief from anxiety, or as a way to manage anxiety
  • You struggle with fear or depression
  • You need help dealing with feelings of anxiety, worry or stress
  • You need a safe space to open up about emotions, challenges or fears that’s free from judgement and shame

Benefits you may receive

  • Recognise thought patterns that contribute to mental or emotional distress
  • Recognise limiting beliefs that may be undermining your happiness
  • Experience transformational changes inside yourself
  • Experience positive transformation in your mindset


Body Bliss is ideally suited if you are looking to receive a relaxing treatment to relieve the effects of tension, anxiety and stress, or as a way of giving yourself quality nurturing time, or as an adjunct therapy for maintaining your well-being.

It’s a deeply soothing and relaxing experience in which you get to enjoy some deeply nurturing rejuvenation time that enhances your feeling of wellbeing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Receiving this uplifting and nourishing style of therapy helps you feel extremely relaxed, and to experience a deep sense of peace.
In a Body Bliss session, there is very little or no talking, and you just relax and receive a very nurturing, relaxing treatment of therapeutic bodywork and energy healing.
This style of therapy is applied over comfortable clothing on a massage table.

Reasons to have a session

  • To experience a deep and soothing relaxation
  • To relieve physical tension
  • You need to slow down and connect with a sense of calmness
  • You need to experience more peace and harmony within yourself

Benefits you may receive

  • Relief of tension in the body
  • Experience a sense of rejuvenation
  • Feel calmer with a greater sense of peace
  • Feel a greater sense of harmony within yourself
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