Join us for an evening of meditation, healing and crystal bowl sound bath immersion

From our cosy studio in Erindale, a Meditation, Healing and Sound Bath evening creates an immersive, tactile and healing space in which you get to leave behind your stress and worry, and get in touch with a profound sense of peace.

You feel the sacredness of the space as soon as you enter, within an ambience of soft lights, candles, incense, essential oils, and peaceful music, and be amongst like-minded souls.

Feel the weight of the world and your responsibilities melt off your body.

You will truly feel a transformation after you leave.

Why come?

Any one of these reasons is a good reason to come along ...
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Need some time-out
  • Need relief from all the thoughts whirling in your head
  • Low energy
  • Need to feed your soul
  • Need a break from always being busy
  • Need some nurturing me-time
  • Experiencing burnout
  • Running on empty
  • Need to unwind
  • Need to do something for yourself
  • In need of some quiet restorative time
  • Need to feel more nourished and peaceful

Guided Meditation

Our group meditation guides you in a very easy to follow, heart centred way to help you relax, become more mindful, and to get in touch with yourself in a way you probably don’t normally allow yourself to do.

A soothing guided meditation takes you away into a zone of peaceful presence, so you can let go and feel more calm. It gives you permission to focus on yourself, and to receive a feeling of nurturing and selfcare.

Sound Healing

Throughout the evening, a crystal bowl sound bath immerses you in a field of sound healing, and draws you into the most peacefully relaxed state. It feels like you’re being transported into a different dimension.

The vibrational frequencies of sound healing have the ability to move through the physical layers of your body, creating a full body relaxation and recalibration down to the cellular level.

Many people have remarked that their mind shifts from anxiety, preoccupation, and a state of activity, to an undeniable experience of stillness and calmness, that perhaps otherwise has been inaccessible to them.

Sound healing from the crystal bowl vibrations have the ability to open and clear the chakras with specific sound frequencies, and can significantly reduce levels of stress hormones.

Sleep improvement, emotional release, clarity, deep peace are just some of the benefits you may receive.

If you’ve ever experienced a sound bath, the experience is truly transformative.

Energy Healing

You’ll have an opportunity during the evening to receive hands-on energy healing if you desire, in which your chakras and energy system can receive balancing energies, to bring you the highest energy healing you most need in that moment.

This is a chance for you to receive nurturing hands-on energy healing, so you can feel nourished on a deep soul level, and feel held in an energy of caring and bliss.

You’ll feel supported and nurtured whilst being immersed in a high vibrational field of energy healing.

What it ultimately means when you come to an evening like this ...

  • It’s a beautiful way to validate that your needs are important
  • Form lasting connections with like-minded souls
  • You’re doing something for yourself that validates your sense of self-worth
  • You’re doing something nourishing for your soul

This is an intimate group setting, and numbers are limited due to the size of our cosy space.

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