Healing is a natural quality that comes from within. Being unaware of this will make you seek for healing through something external to yourself.

In order to access the healing within, it’s almost like you need to find the right settings for the healing force to be activated.

So it begs the question – what activates this healing force?

What are the combination of conditions that must be in place for healing to become an active force in a person’s body, mind and emotions?

What factors must come together to trigger this activation?

And to what degree does the healing force within get activated?

Answers to these thought provoking and important questions lay beyond the veil of the mystery workings of the body and its energy anatomy.

Our understanding of this healing dynamic has been greatly assisted by the fields of body psychotherapy, energy psychology and quantum healing.

What I would like to touch upon in this post is one important consideration that I feel is a key aspect to this healing potential. One of the key factors in tapping into the natural healing potential inside of you, is the level of love you feel in your heart for yourself.

In the absence of this love, you find yourself experiencing self-criticism, self doubt, low self worth, low tolerance for mistakes you make, and you probably put yourself down, don’t value yourself, and beat yourself up over things you find it hard to forgive yourself for. In this state, any potential for tapping into self healing is severely limited.

But when you open your heart to yourself, and feel an authentic acceptance of your short comings and limitations, and are able to find a genuine forgiveness for the things you’ve done or not done which badger your self-esteem, you open to the possibilities of tapping into a force within your heart from which healing can naturally flow.

So how do you get to a point where you open your heart to yourself?

You could use mind power, will power, affirmations, visualisations, or forgiveness exercises. Many of these approaches are quite literally mind over matter, and with a strong focused intent, these are quite realistic and effective methods for being conduits toward self healing.

For many people however, the level of focus, intent and discipline required to achieve this is beyond their capability.

So how might it be possible to bypass this barrier of the mind?

To bypass the mind, you must access the body. Having a felt experience while you are in a state where your mind is quiet, bypasses intellectual processing, and allows the felt experience to register its connection with the cells and inner wisdom of your body.

Having a felt experience which is focused on healing, when your mind is in a state where it doesn’t need to analyse everything that’s going on, allows the therapeutic force from within your unconscious to find its expression.

Therapeutic compassionate touch conveys a message to your body in a very direct way. It transmits a vibration of love that gets broadcast to your body. Your body hears and feels this. Your unconscious responds to this.

When you are in a relaxed state, where the volume of your thoughts are turned down, there is less resistance for this message to be registered within your body. In a relaxed state like this, the message being conveyed by the therapeutic touch is more able to bypass thoughts and the mind.

So often I see a client access a place within themselves during a bodywork session, where for no apparent reason, they get emotional and start having tears in their eyes. The combination of their relaxed state, and the compassion transmitted through the touch upon their body, is a direct pathway to their heart. Something pulls at their heart strings, and they start to weep.

These are the stirrings of healing.

This is the effect of whatever door or barrier they have over their heart, starting to soften and open, and allowing the natural healing love from within their heart, to come out as a form of self love which they feel in their body.

It’s almost like the compassion within the touch of therapeutic bodywork or energy work is re-awakening within them the capacity to love themselves.

Once the door to your heart is slightly open, and you surrender to the experience and the process, that door is able to open wider, and you tap into more of the loving force within your heart. The more you surrender, and allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling in these moments, the more things you are able to clear or come to an awareness of – things that have been blocking your level of self love, and your level of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Each person’s story is different, and each person’s body will have its own method and time in which its healing process will unfold.

It’s best when there is no expectation of results, or of how the therapeutic process should unfold.

What seems to be constant, is that when a person is ready, even on an unconscious level, they will more naturally make that connection to the healing force and love inside themselves.

A key factor in the inner healing process
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