Information for your Healing Therapies Session


Your in-person Therapies session will be at 24 Jarvis Street Erindale SA 5066.

Please go through the side gate on the right hand side of the property, and make your way to the detached studio at the very back.

Please watch your step as the concrete and paving can be very uneven in some places.

Please also take extra care during wet weather, as the circular steel white ant treatment station lids, as well as the tiles at the back of the home can become quite slippery.

There is no waiting area, so please arrive for your appointment on time, or no more than 5 minutes early.

If you happen to arrive earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment, it would be appreciated if you could please wait in your vehicle.


For a Body Bliss or Mind Body Spirit Harmony session, it's recommended that you wear comfortable clothing, preferably natural fibres such as cotton. It's also recommended to avoid eating anything heavy for at least one hour before your session, as this may lead you to feeling discomfort while you are lying down on the massage table.

In particular for Body Bliss sessions, please avoid wearing denim or slippery fabrics. A cotton top and light cotton track pants (or something similar) are a good option for example.

These recommendations are not applicable for Deep Core Healing sessions as these are seated counselling style sessions.

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