Information for Hosting a Gathering Event

Thank you for your booking to host a Gathering event. We trust that you and your guests will have a very positive, uplifting and memorable experience and get loads of value from attending.

We'll touch base with you soon, but in the mean time, please read the information on this page so you're aware of some basics.

We are really excited that you've chosen to host this informative and uplifting event with your friends and family, and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Hosting Checklist

Please ensure that you satisfy the following criteria for hosting an event in your home:

  • You will need to have at least 7 guests (not including yourself) for the event to proceed - we'll touch base with you 3 days prior to the event to confirm numbers. If at that time you don’t have sufficient numbers, we can look at the option of rescheduling to a later date.
  • You will need to be located within a 20km radius from the Adelaide city centre (see map below).
  • The duration of the event is approximately 2½ hours. Please ensure there won’t be any distractions from other household members, or in particular pets during this time.
  • Please be mindful of the following space requirements that we need to successfully run the event in your home:
  • Space for us to set up a 1.8m long table for displaying the Aromatherapy product range.
  • Seating for all of your guests, yourself and an extra two chairs for your gathering facilitators.
  • A 2m x 2m space reasonable close to your guests for us to set up our crystal bowls for the sound healing.

You'll need to be located within a 20km radius of the Adelaide city centre

We recommend to allow enough time for you to confirm attendance for the minimum number of guests.

We will also contact you 3 days prior to the event to confirm the number of guests attending. If at that time you don’t have sufficient numbers, we can look to reschedule to a later date.

Some finer details to know as a Host

  • We'll need to arrive at your home about 1 hour before the event to set up.
  • If you would like to organise drinks and nibblies for your guests, that’s entirely up to you. This is NOT something we provide. We do not provide any catering for food and drinks for the event.
  • If any products not in stock at the event are ordered by participants, we will coordinate delivery of the products with you, once they are ready. You can then coordinate with your guests to give them their ordered products at your convenience. We will only deliver ordered products to you (the host) once all the orders have been finalised.

Your benefits for being a Host

These are the benefits you get to enjoy for being the host of a Gathering:

  • $100 worth of product which you can put toward any Aromatherapy product from our beautiful hand-crafted product range.
  • 30% discount on Aromatherapy products purchased at the event.
  • A free gift, which we'll intuitively select for you (an approximate value of $20-$30)

Benefits your guests will receive

Your guests enjoy 20% discount on Aromatherapy products purchased at the event.

What everyone gets to enjoy

  • This is a fun and informative event, where everyone can enjoy an immersion of aromatic essential oils, sound healing through a crystal bowl sound bath, as well as some guided meditation, and have some fun with oracle cards.
  • Learn some selfcare gems which use acupressure and energy healing, and incorporate these into a selfcare healing ritual which you can use after you leave the event.
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