A Mind Body Spirit Harmony session uses acupressure, breathwork, mindfulness, and intention to connect with the energetics of your body, mind and spirit, and to facilitate creating more harmony on an energetic level.

This type of session is applied over clothing while lying down on a massage table, and is ideal for clearing, aligning and balancing your body’s energies, and to immerse yourself in a healing space for a period of time.

It helps you tap into the subconscious, and helps you connect into the deeper layers of your worries, stress & problems, without necessarily needing to analyse, rationalise or make sense of them.

Spontaneous memories, feelings and emotions may arise. I help you acknowledge, accept and release these using your breath, awareness and intent.

In this kind of treatment, we are doing the work energetically, on a level beyond the superficial mind, and we hold a space that allows for healing without needing to make sense of what’s going on.

Energetic balancing & clearing may be facilitated through:

  • Acupressure (with a focus for balancing the energies of the meridians)
  • Acupressure (with a focus for emotional healing)
  • Chakra balancing
  • Energy clearing/Aura cleansing
  • Focused breath work
  • Guided visualisation
  • Energy healing
  • Spiritual healing
  • Emotion Code clearing and balancing

Facilitating a higher sense of harmony

A Mind Body Spirit Harmony session utilises energy testing, which operates with the same principles as kinesiology and muscle testing, to identify energetic imbalances, and to apply energy corrections for these imbalances.

There may be some dialogue which will serve to clarify/explore the energy imbalances brought to light via the energy testing, and then there’ll be a form of energy correction applied.

The intent is generally to bring to awareness, and subsequently bring to balance, the energetic imbalances you most need to address for your highest health and wellbeing.

We’ll address as many imbalances as we can in the allotted session time.

Energy testing may bring to light patterns, beliefs, thoughts which are not serving your highest good.

We may look at some selfcare options which can help you transform these in a positive and enriching way.

This session also provides an opportunity for you to receive the energy healing/balancing you most need right now for your highest good.

Energy healing/balancing can help to transform energetic influences that may be having a negative or limiting impact on you. These may be influencing the kind of experiences you’re attracting to yourself, the level of stress you feel, or your general state of mental and/or emotional wellness.

This session may also facilitate helping you form a closer connection to your Spirit/Higher Self. It can help you connect with an awareness which transcends your immediate environment, and assist you to see things from a higher perspective.

A Mind Body Spirit Harmony session invites a higher state of emotional, mental & spiritual wellbeing, through transforming energetic imbalances which may be negatively affecting you

Reasons to have a session

  • To help clear energetic imbalances
  • To maintain health and wellbeing
  • For help in getting ‘unstuck’
  • To make energetic shifts that will assist you being in a better space
  • To feel more in touch with your body, emotions and spirit

Benefits you may receive from your session

  • Feel more in touch with your spirit
  • Experience subtle transformational changes inside yourself
  • Receive insight relating to energy imbalances you most need to know about
  • Experience a greater sense of harmony within yourself
  • Connect with your own Divinity
  • Experience greater mental clarity
  • Feel more uplifted
  • Experience a shift in your feelings or emotions
  • Feel revitalised and more energised
  • Feel more centered
  • Receive spiritual healing you most need right now for your highest good
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