Healing Journey is an invitation for you to receive regular ongoing healing therapies sessions, so that you can feel supported through your journey of personal growth, healing and transformation.

By becoming a Healing Journey member, you enjoy session prices at a cheaper rate than the one-off session price, and you also get access to the online resources in the members area.

As a Healing Journey member, you get the following benefits:

  • Unlimited access to the Selfcare Audio Collection.
  • 15% Member discount for online Aromatherapy products.
  • Additional sessions within the month at $99
  • Email support

To further assist you on your healing journey, you receive email support for any questions you may have, and suggestions to assist you with selfcare ‘homework’ so you can maintain momentum between sessions.

Healing journey is a way to have a caring practitioner hold your hand during a period of time when you feel you need to immerse yourself in a field and process of healing.

Sometimes you might just need a few sessions on a regular basis to help you get back on track.

Having regular ongoing sessions can help you build momentum, and give you a helping hand on your journey of healing and transformation.

Whether you need a Body Bliss session, Mind Body Spirit Harmony, or a Deep Core Healing session, you can select your ongoing session to be whatever you most need at that time.

And you can cancel at any time.

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