Body Bliss is a tactile hands-on treatment which combines therapeutic bodywork and energy healing techniques derived from ancient eastern therapy styles such as anma (Japanese massage), shiatsu, acupressure, reiki, as well as adaptions from modern therapeutic practices such as polarity therapy and myofascial release.

This style of therapy is applied over comfortable clothing on a massage table, and is a very nurturing whole-body experience. It coaxes you into a very deep inner space, where you connect with a deeply felt therapeutic relaxation.

This session is ideal to help you de-stress, unwind, release tension and feel a sense of tranquility.

The smooth and flowing manner in which bodywork and energy healing is applied has a hypnotic effect, which can help you drift into a deep state of peace and relaxation.

It’s a deeply soothing and relaxing experience in which you get to enjoy some deeply nurturing rejuvenation time that enhances your feeling of wellbeing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

A common after effect from a session is a feeling of rejuvenation and bliss, feeling re-energised and more centered, feeling more buoyant and more peaceful. What seemed stressful before has lost its edge.

Relaxation & peace – A blissful experience

Body Bliss is ideally suited if you are looking to receive a relaxing treatment to relieve the effects of tension, anxiety and stress, or as a way of giving yourself quality nurturing time, or as an adjunct therapy for maintaining your well-being.

Receiving this uplifting and nourishing style of therapy helps you feel extremely relaxed, and to experience a deep sense of peace.

Your body feels like it is rocked, swayed, stretched and smoothed, slowly drawing you into a deeply hypnotic state.

It can help soothe and coax you into a deeper space, where you can make contact with your calm centre.

The feelings of peace and rejuvenation created by receiving a session have been shown to be quite profound.

Body Bliss is ideal to use as a regular outlet for unwinding from physical tension and/or stress, helps you feel extremely relaxed, and provides a therapeutic tactile experience which inspires a sense of peace and calmness

Reasons to have a session

  • To experience a deep and soothing relaxation
  • To feel more centered, and connected to your body
  • To relieve physical tension
  • You need to slow down and connect with a sense of calmness
  • You need to experience more peace and harmony within yourself

Benefits you may receive from your session

  • Relief of tension in the body
  • Experience a sense of rejuvenation
  • Feel calmer with a greater sense of peace
  • Feel more uplifted
  • Feel revitalised and more energised
  • Feel a greater sense of harmony within yourself

Tapping into healing through switching off, relaxing & letting go

Coming to a session with the intention of healing doesn’t always require you to actively go through a discovery process, or to dialogue through a process of exploration to uncover limiting patterns and beliefs.

Sometimes doing the opposite – that is, doing nothing and being very passive – can lead you to the healing you need.

In a Body Bliss session, there is very little or no talking, and you just relax and receive a very nurturing, relaxing treatment of therapeutic bodywork and energy healing.

By letting go, and entering a very relaxed and peaceful state, you unplug from the external environment, and it’s much easier to drop the barriers between your conscious and unconscious mind.

Drifting off into a highly restful state helps turn down the volume of your thoughts, allowing your body to gently let go of unconscious thoughts, memories and limiting energies, which can facilitate you having a deeper awareness of yourself.

Being in a therapeutically relaxed state helps you get in touch with the inner core of yourself.

While in this state, it’s not uncommon to have insights and realisations filter through from your unconscious mind and come into your awareness, which can help you find healing and balance in your mindset.

Sometimes you just energetically let go of whatever was not serving your highest good, and come out from a session feeling very uplifted and energetically recharged.

A Body Bliss session can help soothe and coax you into a deeper space, where you can make contact with your calm centre.
Being in this relaxed state facilitates the natural unwinding and balancing of your body’s energies.
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