Have you ever had moments where you’ve asked yourself why you ever came to Planet Earth?

Could there possibly be a tougher assignment?

People say everyone has a purpose to their existence. While that may be true, it’s not always easy to understand what that purpose may be. Sometimes purpose is wrapped within hundreds or thousands of seemingly insignificant experiences.

It’s great to have drive, and feel like you are living true to your life purpose, but what happens when you don’t know what that may be?

How many people are out there searching for the sole purpose of their existence? How much pressure are they putting on themselves to find it? All the while, their Soul is experiencing what it needs to through everyday experiences.

What do you do when you are in the predicament of feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled in life, searching for a deeper reason to your existence, and feeling stuck in a groove that seems to lead you on the same track day after day, week after week?

Do you cry, do you scream, do you shake your fists to the Heavens in desperation?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly been there.

In times like this, I find I just have to surrender to the fact that my Soul has decided to be here and have this experience. I tell myself I just have to do the best I can, and trust that I have the strength and perseverance to get through the hard times.

But is that enough?

What other avenues could there be to:

  • feel inspired
  • feel aligned with a higher essence
  • feel at peace with the choices your Soul has made for you prior to you getting here

So I sat  down and asked this question.

“Dear Spirit, how might I feel more aligned with the higher part of my being, and align my life so that the choices I make are those that my Soul wishes me to make?”

. . .

From the vantage point of your Soul, timing is everything.

It’s hard for the physical you to understand the complexity of how events in the physical world are orchestrated.

Your Soul will urge you to make certain choices when it needs to, but the choice remains up to you.

For every misaligned choice you make, the Heavens will orchestrate another attempt in which you might make the next choice more closely aligned to the Soul choice. Your Soul never gives up on you.

Sometimes when you feel stuck, it might be that you are in a period of waiting for the right timing. Patience is most certainly a virtue.

There is wisdom in slowing down when you can. Life is lived at a very fast pace in this day and age. When you are faced with a choice to make, slow down and take a moment. Ask yourself, “What would my Soul wish for me to do?” Then feel for the answer.

You might have to try this a few times to work out your own way of interpreting this. Your Soul will use very creative ways of conveying its intention to you.

How might your Soul communicate to you?

  • You may feel certain sensations in your body.
  • You might have thoughts or images pop into your mind.
  • Sometimes it might be a vague impression.
  • Sometimes, something will just feel right.
  • When something doesn’t feel right, there is usually tension, a tightening up, resistance.

This can be very subtle. Practice will help you notice the cues.

You can instruct your body to give different sensations for a yes or no, in reply to a yes/no question.

The key is to slow down and take notice of how you feel when you are making choices in your life. There is guidance being constantly offered to you, to help you align your choices with the higher part of your being.

Slow down and take notice.

You may not always like the higher choice. It may require strength and courage on your part, to follow it.

In times when you feel alone, or in despair, or in crisis, visualise a thousand angels sending their love to you. Feel them looking down on your every move, surrounding you with their support. Feel them buffering you from your unpleasant or painful experiences. Feel them holding your hand. Feel their wings surrounding you in a comfortable embrace.

If you truly comprehended the amount of angelic or higher assistance and support available to you, you would be astonished. Heaven is not oblivious to the difficulties you face.

You are not expected to understand the higher reasons of why things happen the way they do on Earth. You just need to focus on what feels right for you, and trust that you have a wealth of support available to you.

Aligning your choices with your Soul
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