If you could put on a pair of goggles which magically gave you special sight to see energy, you would see a whole new world. One of the many things you may notice, is to see a heap of people walking around with high walls of energy in their energy field. Some of these walls would be around people’s hearts.

These walls of energy are created for protection. But protection from what?

Is it for protection from outside influences and other people? In some cases, maybe.

For many though, these walls are created to act as a barrier or shield from feelings, emotions, resentments, painful memories and past hurts buried inside themselves.

A majority of people would probably think there’s nothing wrong with that.

A lot of your energy goes into maintaining such a barrier of protection – energy which could otherwise be used for more positive purposes, and which could be used to make you feel better than you currently are.

It’s hard to appreciate the kind of life you might lead, once you have shifted the energy holding such a barrier in place, allowing you to transform whatever it is you are shielding inside yourself, so that you can feel more free.

What might the picture look like through those goggles, when you see a person who has energetically shifted such barriers, and is more at one with themselves?

My guess would be that instead of seeing a high wall of energy, you might see more of the natural glowing energy coming from their heart, which surrounds their aura with a lovely golden light.

A good approach to use for shifting your barriers

So what might it take to shift the energy of these protective barriers, and allow the wall to come down, allowing you access to more energy and a transformed version of yourself?

It may surprise you to hear that surrender would be a good approach.

Surrendering means being okay with whatever you’ve got going on inside yourself, and not being afraid of it.

It means acknowledging to yourself, that you are ready to stop hiding from yourself. It also means acknowledging that whatever patterns or emotions you have buried inside yourself, which can frequently be circulating beneath your conscious awareness, have served a purpose, which you are ready to shift.

No one can do this for you. There are ways you can get help with this. But the intent needs to come from you.

Only you can heal yourself. In some energetic way, it is only you who gives yourself permission and allowance to heal.

The art of surrender involves:

  • being open to your own inner healing,
  • being accepting of your inner patterns and emotions, and
  • allowing whatever it is your body needs to do, to shift the barriers and thereby access a more healed state.

Here is an affirmation which can help with this process:

“I open my heart and surrender to healing the pain & hurt which I cannot see inside myself”

Combining surrender with relaxation is one way of creating an opportunity to shift

The deeply therapeutic relaxation state that Energy work helps to create, is one way of providing yourself with an opportunity to shift your patterns, and your barriers.

That is the half of it. The other half comes from you, with your openness, your intent, and your surrender to your own internal healing process.

Some of my clients have allowed themselves to let go and surrender to their healing process, through a deeply relaxed state created by the bodywork.

Some patterns my clients have shifted were very old, having been with them for many years. Once shifted, they felt a change in their vibration. Their energy felt lighter. On some level , they could move on.

The possibilities are shaped by your level of surrender. You can’t fake this.

The surrendering happens more naturally when you are ready.

Your intent and openness to your inner healing, helps you become ready more quickly.

A Body Bliss session with Claudio uses a beautiful blend of energy work and bodywork to coax you into a deeply relaxed state, which is the perfect space from which you can surrender to your own inner healing process.

The art of surrendering to the hidden parts of yourself
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