There are many paths to navigating the practice of meditation. Everyone who has a meditation practice has their own reason for meditating.

Some of these reasons may include detaching from worry and stress and contacting a more relaxed state.

Or it may be to enter into mindfulness so that you can be more connected with your body and your inner state, from which you can mindfully observe your thoughts, feelings and emotions. The main benefit of doing this is that it helps you to get more in touch with yourself.

Another reason may be to enhance your ability to focus and concentrate for a period of time.

Or it may be to connect with a higher state, where you can feel a connection with a higher spiritual essence that has meaning for you. This could be your Higher Self, Divine Spirit, Guardian Angels or whichever spiritual connection you hold dear.

What can heart centered meditation do for you?

A meditation that has a very strong heart focus, aims to help you get in touch with the love in your own heart.

Contacting the love in your heart can be a great source of personal healing.

When you have an open heart, love flows. When your heart opens to love for another person, your love flows to that person. When your heart opens to love for yourself, that love flows into you. This love may come in the form of acceptance, understanding, patience, respect – from yourself, to yourself.

There are many roads to healing. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another. But what many of these roads to healing have in common is their direct or indirect relation with a connection to the heart, and the source of love within the heart.

When you connect with the source of love in your heart, there is great potential for personal transformation.

The gateway to personal transformation lies through the heart

A meditation that is heart focused helps you connect and get in touch with the love in your heart. This heart connection may be inspired from within, or it may be visualised as if coming from a higher source.

The purpose of this is to activate a resonance and vibration within you that is uplifting and potentially transformational. This is a love vibration generated in your heart, which then propagates throughout your entire body, and is felt by all the cells in your body.

The meditation may utilise visualisation to get the process going, but the effects can be well and truly felt in the body.

All true healing happens from within, when barriers to self love are penetrated and transformed, allowing a flow of love, however subtle, to flow to you from your heart. The trigger and process for achieving this is a very individual experience.

A heart centered meditation which encourages you to tap into the loving vibrations of your heart, is a useful aid and resource to help you recognise the power you have within you, to access your own inner healing state.

Using heart centred meditation for personal transformation
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