Regular small scale acts of letting go throughout the course of your day, when done consciously and consistently, can make you feel like a new person.

A person who is calmer, more centered, and more present.

One of the biggest things you would do well to let go of is worry.

I don’t mean a legitimate sense of worry from which you take measures to increase your safety and well being, but the nagging persistent worries you play over and over again in your mind, that do nothing to serve you.

Or the worries that arise from fretting over a future event that has not yet transpired, or which may never transpire.

Follow these steps when you catch yourself in the grip of those persistent nagging worries which relentelessly invade your thoughts and which do nothing to serve you:

  • The moment you notice a persistent worry nagging you in your mind, take a moment to stop what you are doing.
  • Breathe deeply into your abdomen, and then blow out slowly and firmly.
  • As you do, imagine the worry being carried out and away from you through your out-breath.
  • Make it your conscious intent to let go of the persistent worry.
  • Maintain the deep breathing and exhalation, until you feel the intensity of the worry subside.
  • Notice how you are able to take fuller breaths as this occurs.
  • Notice how the muscles around your chest are able to expand more openly, and bring you a sense of calm relief.
  • Be mindful during these moments, and take in this tactile experience.
  • Observe and feel the difference in your body.
  • Retain this calm state for as long as you can.

Aim to make this daily practice a habit, when you catch yourself worrying.

Do it consistently, and observe the changes that happen for you, over time.

Mindfulness exercise for releasing worry & anxiety
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