4 ways Energy Healing helps you feel more harmonious

I invite you to use your imagination to visualise what a healing sanctuary for Energy Healing Therapy would be like.

You feel cocooned in a safe, tranquil and nurturing space, warmly lit with soft candlelight, and glowing salt crystal lamps.

You’re laying comfortably on a massage table feeling completely calm and relaxed.

There’s ambient peaceful music transporting you to a far away mystical place.

Sacred aromas from incense, essential oils, frankincense invite healing vibrations and sensations of peace.

Just simply being in this Energy Healing space brings you feelings of peace.

You sense sacred energies surrounding you in a bubble of warmth.

It’s a healing space connecting with the highest Divine Healing Source of Universal Energy.

You feel safe in knowing the focus is the highest energetic healing for your highest good.

What are some pathways in which this therapeutic space for Energy Healing can affect your energy system in ways that make you feel more calm, centered and uplifted?

Energy Healing Therapeutic Benefit #1

Feel clearer and less affected by energies you’ve accumulated from people and places around you.

Energy Healing helps to clear energies in your biofield that don’t belong to you, and which may be having a negative impact on you.

How many times have you visited crowded spaces like a supermarket or a shopping mall, and walked away from there with a headache, or feelings of anxiety or stress that you didn’t have before?

Perhaps you are in a workplace, school or community environment amongst other people.

You may or may not be aware of the cumulative impact the energies of other people are having on you.

Even while just experiencing daily life in the town or city in which you live, you can’t avoid being immersed in the collective energy of the place and the people living there.

These collective energies can accumulate in your biofield, and leave you feeling tired, lethargic, cranky, off-centre, and not quite like yourself.

Energy Healing helps to clear these energies from your biofield.

In doing so, it helps reduce the impact and strain they have on your own core energies.

This cleansing alone can make you feel a whole lot clearer and lighter.

Energy Healing Therapeutic Benefit #2

Clear energies of emotional distress which may be lingering in your energy field.

Energy Healing helps to clear residual energy which can remain in your biofield for weeks, months or even years after experiencing distress from emotions, so that this energy no longer has a detrimental impact on you.

When you experience any type of intense emotion (such as sadness, anger, despair, betrayal, hopelessness), unless the energies of the emotion are adequately allowed to flow through and out of your body in a way they need to, residual energies from the emotion can linger unresolved in your biofield.

These residual energies can remain in your biofield until such time as they have been given an opportunity for integration or healing.

This could be for days, weeks, months or even years.

Lingering emotional energy can have subtle effects on the way you feel, or in the kind of experiences you attract to yourself.

The intelligence within your body (and indeed from your Soul) always seeks to find ways of safely clearing the lingering emotional energy.

For example, it may attract experiences or people to you, in order to help you experience what you need for clearing the energy.

This may not always be a comfortable experience. You may not even be aware it’s happening.

Sometimes you may feel an urge from within to try out some form of therapy (such as Energy Healing).

A therapy like Energy Healing provides a sacred space in which lingering emotional energies can be brought to your awareness, and cleared through conscious intent and Divine Grace.

Therapeutic Benefit #3

Helps dissolve unhealthy energy connections with other people.

Energy Healing can help to dissolve energetic cords creating unhealthy energy connections to people who may be (knowingly or unintentionally) placing an energy strain on you.

Is there someone in your life whom you’ve had a past connection with, but which no longer serves you, and you can’t help but continue to feel affected by them?

Is there someone in your life whom you have a current connection with, that you have perhaps outgrown or no longer feel you resonate with, or in which you feel deep down is having a detrimental impact on you?

Energy Healing can help to clear and dissolve energy connections that keep you tied energetically to other people in unhealthy ways.

Energy cords are dissolved with love and forgiveness.

The result of this may have far reaching positive and uplifting effects.

It is the wisdom of Divine Healing which determines the proper timing and space for something like this to take place.

Therapeutic Benefit #4

Helps restore a harmonious balance in your biofield.

Energy Healing can help align and balance the energies in your biofield.

This can lead to feelings of greater peace, inner strength, resilience, renewal, and authentic connection with yourself.

Your chakras, meridians and aura are all affected by the amount of stress you feel, the emotional challenges you face, and the pressures of daily living.

Energy Healing draws upon healing energies from a high Divine Source to counteract the effects of these factors.

Being immersed in high healing vibrations helps restore energetic harmony in your biofield.

A general superficial balance may be all you need to counteract cumulative effects of daily stress.

Or you may need more concentrated attention in areas of your energy system which need some extra help to restore more harmonious balance.

Claudio incorporates Energy Healing in a Mind Body Spirit Harmony session.

4 ways energy healing helps you feel more harmonious
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